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Austin Texas is my home now but I grew up in the snowy silence & wild-berry summers of Canada. As a kid, the wild called me. I adopted a tiny featherless crow. Sam taught me that crows are crooners. Earrings are for pecking. Tools are to hide on rooftops. Dogs are to intimidate. A garden is for joy-bouncing. And always the unexpected is with you. Sam lived free, often on my shoulder.

In my youth there were experiences of non-ordinary consciousness, one of them trauma related. The other was an opening, like touching Mystery. This occurs with many, but it's not something we talk about. They left an imprint and silent wondering within me.

I went to work in the field of Environmental Science & settled into a long-term relationship. The relationship was not healthy, but I found it difficult to leave. I'd developed a woundedness-vibe, a sort of ‘I’m hurting, the world’s against me.’ When you see the world through those eyes, the world reflects victimhood back to you as your life.

This type of thinking points to underlying beliefs, which cause a misunderstanding of reality. As with all unconscious or shadow material, it had me in it’s spell. How to transform limiting beliefs that also operate the very search for them? This is shadow work. Yet I also had to discover non-doership, or the art of allowing. Shadow work is not about fixing or changing oneself; it is an inner communion with parts that have experienced trauma and conditioning. This is true even if the trauma is 1000-little-papercuts-trauma, where one gave up one's identity in order to fit in or survive.

Through the seasons of a marriage, children, life and a divorce, I came under the influences of mentors, certifications & practice groups. These included yoga and trauma training, Jungian psychology, Thomas Keating's psycho-spiritual material, nonduality, metaphysical exploration at the Monroe Institute, and intuitive development.

I discovered lots of conflicting information about 'overcoming limiting beliefs'. Most limiting beliefs are not conscious or logical - they're body-memory. They can be passed on. We can essentially absorb and re-radiate a parent's anxiety, unknowingly weaving it into our own life. I learned a process of undoing this.

You know how we refer to ourselves as parts, "a part of me just couldn't..." or "the artistic part of me longed to..." My relationship with myself (and thus life) blossomed with parts-integration. I was certified as a practitioner. This coincided with a nondual opening, or a deepening sense of oneness.

My journey thus far ... in the dissolution of old conditioning, something new is born. To be in one's 'Knowing' is to be in relationship with the eternal quality of oneself. My original passion for this beautiful planet now focuses on the inner environment - and quantuum physics agrees - world change comes from within. I am an advocate of "be the change", where Carl Jung's Unus Mundus or "One World" is realized within each one of us.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." ~ Helen Keller

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