Integration: Client Experiences

I was experiencing extreme anxiety and depression when I first came to Donna and the Integrative process. Except for a brief period in 2001, I'd never required the guidance of a therapist and it wasn’t until 2016 that my anxiety/depression got to a point of requiring medication. But since 2016 I have had to take a pill just so I could function in everyday life and do something besides stay in the house and brood. For a period between 2016 and late 2019 my condition was manageable but in April of 2020 that all changed, and I found myself unemployed and unable to even look for work. Being under the care of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for three months had accomplished little in the way of relief.

Truth is, I have been on a spiritual path since an early age and even in my darkest times, I found myself tumbling to the bottom and thru sheer determination fighting my way back. My spirituality and grit had always sustained me but had left me with unhealed wounds and an unconscious mind filled with pain I didn’t even know existed. I have lived an intense life. Most who know me either tell me “You need to write a book “or “How are you still alive”? It was in this condition I found Donna and booked a consult. In that session I found someone I could trust - even those parts of me that I did not want to look at, much less let anyone else see.

Each session deals with whatever thoughts/feelings/emotions are presenting themselves. In those moments when I'm talking and something happens, I haven't yet been able to put into words what it is. A release, at times a feeling of something missing but nothing was gone and subtle changes in my behavior over the next 3 or 4 days. And it was in those 3 or 4 days that I needed support, and unlike standard cognitive therapy, Donna was available to support me.

The sessions always bring profound insight and a better understanding of who I really am. There is something in her voice that, even in my most intense times of discovery, brought calming assurance that there is nothing wrong with me. I am not broken and that even though I am experiencing discomfort, all is as it should be. I surrender to the experience, the intensity lessens, and things change.

Where am I today? I am not out of the woods, but I have entered a brighter area of the forest where I can see more clearly. I am holding a job now and have reasons to live. Learning to live a life of being, without the relentless pressure of doing, and learning to be gentle with myself. And learning to surrender.


I was able to see and feel a perspective of a 5 year old self as innocent. It brought tears and there was something very profound that was released. As it released, there was an instantaneous beautiful opening up into just experiencing wholeness as itself - not as me or the 5 year old. It was like some resistance on the surface of the water was released and the ripples went down into the depths of the ocean where stillness, wholeness and peace were, but they were always there [description from one session]. After the sessions, I felt like I could handle certain things in my life differently. For the first time in over a year, I was able to face social media in a new way. The unconscious fear had changed. I saw how to be with my thoughts and emotions from a place of wholeness. In finding this wholeness, it was like a release of tension, which reminds me how Hedderman [a nondual teacher] said, "awakening is all about traveling lighter".


Your time with me was one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had in a long while. I had begun to think that much of what I have been exposed to all these years was “just words”, but now it is all coming together, jelling and taking on real meaning.

~Kathy (72 yrs old, and a long time on the spiritual path)

I cannot say enough about the work this amazing human is doing. I have had the privilege of experiencing four sessions with her and I can tell you it’s life changing! I grew up with an inherent knowing that I have a responsibility to work on myself and be the best me I can be. After 35 years of working on myself in a variety of modalities I have found Donna’s work to get to the core of it quickly and with support. I have unpacked cycles in a short time with the results being more connected with self and more present in my life. I am eternally grateful and would recommend to anyone and everyone I love. I have worked through some extremely difficult experiences from the past with her gentle and loving presence and support. Thank you thank you thank you Donna for guiding me and supporting me through this.


Donna is an angel. She is a safe, steady presence through non-linear journeys of the heart.


The journey into oneself to find hidden answers requires a special light. Donna’s light has guided me to find hidden gems In her intuitively guided integrations, I always find a way to the answers I seek, even when I don’t know where I’m going. Her kind thoughtful soul gently shows the way.


I don’t even know where to begin. On Thanksgiving 2017 I came up on my son McKean’s wreck. He was killed in his motorcycle hitting a crossing bar gate with no reflective. He flew off his bike & was killed instantly. I only saw his covered body & instantly knew it was my boy. In May 25th I was riding bicycles with my almost 6 yr old & we were racing in the road. He was watching me and drifted off the road hitting his face into a mailbox & I watched as it was about to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I saw his body fling forward with such force while his head hit the metal mailbox and turn. I thought I was witnessing losing another child. I was emotional whiplashed into seeing McKeans wreck & covered body. How could I witness another child leaving me and nothing I could do to prevent it. I’m beyond grateful to say my little one was completely fine, mailbox has 2 huge face dents but my child was alive & ok (actually he was upset at himself for ruining the mailbox). Donna helped me (via zoom) move past my flashbacks cause I couldn’t function. I was a complete emotional mess reliving the death of my son. I felt paralyzed in a time loop of hurt, helplessness and regrets from that day. Donna did intuitive integration with me and I can say I felt instantly better. I felt the release of so much pain. I could breathe again. I actually felt the best I had felt in 2.5yrs. I have recommended this service to everyone I know. As a grieving parent we have times where no matter how hard we work our minds (ego) can knock us down. This has helped me recover quicker from a spiral of emotional pit of hell. It helps me function at a higher level of energy. I truly believe this integration would be beneficial for everyone. We all have emotional drama in our lives & her services & love she gives her clients is something that truly helps others to feel better. Thank you from every fiber of my soul for helping me Donna.


I absolutely loved Donna! One session with her opened me up to things of the past that I didn’t realize I was suppressing and that were causing me ongoing issues in my life. In so many ways. She guided me through a session that broke barriers and my perspective, which now I'm able to face and see how its affecting me today, and how I can work to heal. The session in itself was so healing, and she gives tools to continue the healing. I had such a breakthrough with this it blows my mind. After years and years of traditional therapy, I am now able to use her method on the subject at hand and also in other areas of my life. It’s a great feeling to find some relief and answers behind what I have struggled so long with.


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Feedback for Readings

Donna was able to identify a phenomenon in my life that was influencing my daily life. I was able to recognize and confirm what she feeling and seeing. Though I knew I was experiencing these feelings before meeting with her, I was confused why I was feeling this way. I was at a loss on how to move forward or which direction to take. Her insights and ability to connect to my spirit helped bring awareness to what was missing. She was able to help me identify what I needed. I consistently struggle to listen to my inner intuition and I struggle with what I need to keep moving toward my goal. She was able to offer something I connected to. I always knew I was in need of something, but I was uncertain what I needed. She helped confirm what actions I needed to take in the next steps of my journey.


Spot on, Inspiring and Compassionate. Donna's reading for me clearly validated a loved who I've been wanting to hear from. She described her personality/character traits, and gave me two very poignant messages. One will help me with a minor health issue, and the other is a way for my sister to work through a relationship. Thank you, Donna!


Donna came to my life at the most crucial moment. Lets just say she was God send. I had lost someone very dear friend and was totally devastated. Certain set of events introduced me to the whole concept of mediumship but I was very sceptic. Prior to my sitting with Donna, I had been to other mediums hoping to hear from my dear frieend. But I did not get any thing substantial. Looking back I can now say that other mediums had also got information for me but my scepticism was not ready to accept the information. Prior to my sitting with Donna, I was not expecting much. But then she sent me things to consider to help me with the sitting. That was impressive because I now knew that I was going to get more from this sitting than hearing from my loved ones. And that is what happened. Donna brought in my dear friend with specific evidences that only me and my friend was privy of. I was simply amazed. But at the same time, I unconsciously exposed weakest self to Donna. I was crying. Even though this sitting was through zoom, Donna's charismatic approach to handle my emotions has helped me get back to my life. She heard me. She was interested in my story. In that hour, she was part of my emotions. It meant so much to me. I feel my friend found the best person to send his message. I continue to reach out to Donna whenever I need a friend. She's available and does her magic. Thanks Donna!


I had the opportunity to get a reading from Donna and it was a beautiful experience. She is kind, loving, and compassionate. She took her time giving me information and provided the evidence I needed to clearly identify who was coming forward. What she also did was something I haven't really experienced from other mediums. While she was providing me with information, it didn't feel alone processing the information. Instead, she was respectful of my time to listen to what the message was, and it felt as though she was holding my hand throughout the reading. I can't tell you how much I appreciated this. I never felt alone. She was giving me the space I needed while being there by my side supporting me in my journey. It was lovely and left me feeling grounded and settled. Donna is a wonderful medium but, even more so, a beautiful soul. I really appreciated her time and connection to my loved one.


Donna is an amazing medium. She brings your loved one through so clearly you can feel them right there with you. She is patient and empathetic bringing much love and peace to her readings.


It was a reading that most definitely moved & inspired me. I’ve been thinking about your words all night & during my morning time with the birds & while taking the dog for a walk.


I'm so silly, didn't think of the other fireworks wedding anniversary was yesterday! Thanks again, that reading and her connection was so special. Everything she had to say had a meaning to me.....I just love the bathtub reference....she loved her old bathroom and its the one thing that remains from the time she lived here. My own mother is not very motherly, so I appreciate her maternal energy. Dorothy has been on my mind all day. I just googled and found an obituary, she did pass on April 1st, 2017 (just to confirm since that's what you felt!).


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