This space supports transformation, my word for healing. You are already whole and complete. Recognition of this deepens as perspective opens, with a blossoming of inherent worth, innate happiness, & peace. Transformation, dissolution of the separate self, shadowwork - whatever term is used - is supported through resonace and mirroring.

Integration Session

There is no one way to describe what happens in a session. You will encounter parts or aspects (inner polarities) that operate unconsiously. In a Return To Knowing, one brings all of oneself to consciousness, to Knowing. A session offers not only a major shift, you will also come away with hang of how to do this for yourself. The innate happiness at the core of being emerges and begins to permeate life. Anxiety, doubt and self-sabatoge dissolve. Welcome to a natural intuitive expression of who and what you are.

I'm a facilitator of the Soul Integration™ process by the THEO Group, Inc. Additionally, I bring influence of nonduality and inner yoga. "Intuitive Integration" is a way of return to the wholeness of one's true nature; the knowing of one's own being As this 'way' becomes natural, the sense of separation (the root of neurosis, doubt, lack) begins dissolution.

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Mind-Body Coaching Session

A transformational approach to afflictive emotions and thought patterns. In a one-to-one session, there will be an aha' of perspective and possibility. With principles of non-doership (surrender or the art of allowing) come to understand "I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions, I am not my body" and see how to place yourself under new influences. Bring a triggering life situation. Where do you feel limited, victimized? Learn how to see this situation as working for you, not against you. To become free, one must see through the habits and divisions of conditioned mind.

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